The Grenadian Psychological Association (GPA) is a nonprofit organization pursuant to and in accordance with the laws of Grenada. 
Our mission is to promote the advancement and diffusion of psychological knowledge, skills and practice in the service of human wellbeing and health promotion and to establish ourselves as the main professional association representing psychological science in Grenada.
The Principal Aims and Objectives of the GPA are to:
  • Disseminate the purposes and services of psychology in the interest of general human welfare and development.
  • Promote and protect the general and professional welfare of psychologists.
  • Promote the enactment of legislation relating to the professional practice of psychology and to speak on behalf of psychologists with regard to legislative action.
  • Maintain and improve the standards of ethical conduct and proficiency in the practice of psychology through a Code of Ethics.
  • Support continuing education and research in the field of psychology through publications, seminars, workshops and other related activities.
  • Represent, and speak on behalf of, psychologists to allied professional, governmental and non-governmental groups and the public.
  • Represent psychologists in Grenada at local, regional and international meetings and bodies.
  • Maintain a register of qualified psychologists, and allied professionals, with any accompanying information deemed by the GPA to be appropriate and in the interest of the public.
  • Create a process and related standards by which persons offering psychological professional services to the Grenadian public would be licensed and/or certified to do so.